Bankroll Fresh

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Bankroll Fresh – Bankroll Fresh

  • Release date: 2015-11-26
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Bankroll Fresh

01. Danny DeVito [Prod. By D Rich] 02. Riggs [Prod. By D Rich] 03. Poppin’ Shit [Prod. Zaytoven] 04. Fuck Is You Saying [Prod. By Shawty Fresh] 05. Van Damme [Prod. By D Rich] 06. Live Yo Life [Prod. By The Democratz] 07. Fake Niggas [Prod. By King Cee O] 08. Take Over Your Trap (Feat. 2 Chainz & Skooly) [Prod. By Mondo] 09. Alpina Beamer [Prod. By D Rich] 10. Selfish (Feat. Street Money Boochie) [Prod. By D Rich] 11. Can’t Believe [Prod. By King Cee O] 12. Trap Bitch [Prod. By King Cee O] 13. On The Block [Prod. By Shawty Fresh] 14. Dead Presidents [Prod. By Evil G] 15. Don’t Let Go [Prod. By King Cee O & Zar] 16. M.O.B. [Prod. By D Rich] 17. On Me (Feat. Street Money Boochie) [Prod. By G Money] 18. Options [Prod. By King Cee O & Fresh Jones] 19. How You Wanna Play [Prod. By Shawty Fresh] (Bonus)