Hood Classic Vol 1

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CB3 – Hood Classic Vol 1

  • Release date: 2015-09-09
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Hood Classic Tracklist

1. Got my Own (Young Mac, GSwag, Hitemup)
2. Talking to Me (Hitemup, Young Mac, GSwag)
3. Do What I Gotta Do (Young Mac, GSwag, Hitemup)
4. My Time (Young Mac, GSwag, Hitemup)
5. Ghetto (JT Snow, GSwag, Young Mac)
6. Know the Half [Remix] (GSwag, Hitemup, Young Mac)
7. Ain’t on That (Young Mac, GSwag)
8. Do It (Young Mac, GSwag)
9. What u Say (Young Mac, Hitemup)
10. One in the Head (GSwag, Young Mac, Hitemup)
11. #100 (Hitemup, Young Mac)
12. Where You Wanna Go (Hitemup, GSwag, Young Mac)
13. Long As I’m Alive (3 Dice Ceno, Hitemup, Young Mac)
14. Too Much (GSwag, BigNel Live, Young Mac)
15. Know the Half [Original] (GSwag, Young Mac)
16. Truffle Butter Freestyle (Young Mac, Hitemup, GSwag)