Yungin With The Juice 2

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Deelyrik – Yungin With The Juice 2: The Refill


  • Release date: 2016-07-20
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Yungin With The Juice 2 Tracklist

01. Grind For Fortune
02. Do The Most (Prod. by 808 Mafia)
03. Fuck It Up (Prod. by Ditty Beats)
04. I Don’t Wonna Hear It (Prod by Bruh N Laws)
05. Physcodellic Weirdo
06. Splashing
07. Sideways (Prod. by Chasthemoney)
08. Cum Mo Thru (Prod. by Rarri808)
09. Nothing Into Something (Prod. by Chasethemoney)
10. What Goes Around Comes Back Around (Prod. by Rarri808)
11. Ain’t Shit Sweet (Prod. by Rarri808)
12. Pouring (Prod. by Chasethemoney)
13. Cake
14. Charged Up (Prod. by Robert B)
15. Evil Thoughts (Prod. by AkanniBeat & Audio Cartel)
16. Built 4 War (Prod. by Bruh N Laws)
17. Vacation (Prod. by 101 Da Exclusive)
18. Hakuna Matata (Prod. by NateTheHitMaker)
19. Gotta Show Me
20. Flavor (Prod. by Ebb Friday)