hip-Hop lives vol 1

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HipHopLives777 – Hip-Hop Lives Vol.1 (Hosted By X-FLAME)

  • Release date: 2016-10-24
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Hip-Hop Lives Vol 1 Tracklist

01. Introducing Hip-Hop Lives ft. DJ Crazy Cuts (Prod. By Jeffrey Stundon)
02. Omen Ra – Not An MC ft. Outerspace, Tom Jeefs, DJ Rolex (Prod. By Dr G)
03. Arafat and Gandhi – Born For This ft. Blaq Poet (Prod. By DJ Halabi)
04. Jax – Grimy Rippers ft. Jik, X-Flame (Prod. By Chinky P)
05. Fadaze – Let It Go (Prod. By Nick Wiz)
06. Arafat and Gandhi – Steadily Shine ft. Tragedy Khadafi (Prod. By DJ Halabi)
07. Omen Ra – Prisoner (Prod. By Dr G)
08. Jax – Cadence ft. Canibus (Prod. By Paul Whitehead)
09. X-Flame – Game Plan ft. Yung Dominus (Prod. By Malick Da 1da)
10. Jax – Lord Forgive Me ft. Kool G Rap, Keith Murray (Prod. By Paul Whitehead)
11. X-Flame – Rap Lifer ft. Nahbi Reality, Mabous48 (Prod. By X-Flame)
12. Fadaze – Clear Minds (Prod. By Jinesis)
13. Gandhi – Godzilla (Prod. By Lawrence Vallier)
14. Fadaze – 40 Barz of Torture (Prod. By Double P)
15. X-Flame – Dopest Alive (Morphine Dreams) (Prod. By Ransom Notes)
16. Omen Ra – Married To This Music (Prod. By Sotunes)
17. King Malachi – Learning How To Love (Prod. By X-Flame)
18. Gandhi – Alone ft. Sophia (Prod. By Lawrence Vallier)
19. Gandhi – My Thought’s The Ark ft. X-Flame (Prod. By X-Flame)
20. Omen Ra – Seasonz Change ft. Canibus, Presto (Prod. By Omni3)
21. Outro ft. DJ Crazy Cuts (Prod. By Molekula)