Project Radiation

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Kool Keith Presents Dane Uno – Project Radiation


  • Release date: 2016-07-02
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Project Radiation Tracklist

01. Project Radiation (Produced by Junkaz Lou)
02. How Can You Say That (Produced by Fahim Allah) (Additional Vocals By Kanye)
03. Underground ft. Rob Smooth (Produced by Rob Smooth)
04. Case You Didn’t Know (Produced by Midwest Da Don)
05. Reflections (Produced by Junkaz Lou)
06. Came From Squalor ft. Rob Smooth (Produced by DJ Phonz The Architect)
07. Colors Of Chicago (Produced by Junkaz Lou)
08. Yes I’m Ill (Produced by Ocean Ave)
09. Gotta Go (Produced by Ocean Ave)
10. Filet Mignon ft. Kool Keith (Produced by Dane Uno)
11. Street Reaction ft. Rob Smooth JD (Produced by DJ Phonz The Architect)
12. CD Selling (Skit) (ft. DJ J-Ronin Dane Uno)
13. Jump Around In That Closet ft. Kool Keith (Produced by Number One Producer)
14. Grind In Your City (Produced by Goon)
15. Haterz Know ft. Rob Smooth (Produced by Rob Smooth)
16. Bra Bra Bra Brown ft. Sharkula (Produced by Fahim Allah)
17. Rockin’ My Dope (Produced by Dane Uno)