Monster From Da Underground

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M DOC Diego – Monster From Da Underground

  • Release date: 2016-11-07
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Monster From Da Underground Tracklist

01. Monster From Da Underground – M DOC Diego ( produced by Paul Cabbin)-MFDU
02. The Return – M DOC Diego ( produced by Greg Nyce)-MFDU
03. What It’s Lookin Like – M DOC Diego-MFDU
04. Total Nyceness – M DOC Diego ft. Cvere (produced by Thovo)-MFDU
05. Spit Real Game – M DOC Diego (prd by profound beats)-MFDU
06. What U Like – M DOC Diego (produced by Paul Cabbin) -MFDU
07. Talk About It – M DOC Diego (prod by Greg Nyce)-MFDU
08. Yrooo(oooouuuuu) -M DOC Diego (produced by KaSaun)
09. Sucka Free-M Doc Diego (produced by Paul Cabbin) -MFDU
10. Memoirs Of Pain – M DOC Diego-MFDU
11. The Uninvited – M Doc Diego (produced by NuDersey Beats) -MFDU
12. So Divine – M DOC Diego (produced by Thovo) -MFDU
13. Chain Letter – M DOC Diego (produced by Paul Cabbin) -MFDU
14. Flare Strut – M DOC Diego -MFDU