Dead Pool (Merc With A Mouth)

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The Gr8 – Dead Pool (Merc With A Mouth)

  • Release date: 2015-12-13
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Dead Pool (Merc With A Mouth) Tracklist

01. 420 Blaze It Yolo Swag 360 Noscope Headshot Get Rektd
02. Ghost Vacuum [Prod. By Johnny Juliano] 03. Bring It Back [Prod. By DjayCas] 04. DeadPool
05. Great Salyaman
06. Professor Zoom
07. Mula On My Medulla
08. The Binary
09. Masked Vigilante 8 [Prod. By K1nkkade] 10. Red Roses [Prod. By Vybe & DjayCas] 11. Titan Fall [Prod. By AweBitMusic] 12. Bonafide Grizzly Bear
13. Diversity From Adversity
14. Here’s Johnny [Prod. By Johnny Juliano] 15. Relentless
16. So Help Me [Prod. By DjayCas] 17. Ubiquitous Endeavors